July 5, 2024

When Can My Employer Convert My Paid Suspension to Unpaid?

Generally, employees suspended during a disciplinary enquiry are entitled to their full salary. This suspension allows for a thorough investigation of the incident in the workplace […]
July 5, 2024

Are You Obligated to Pay Arrear Levies When Purchasing a Sectional Title Unit? Part 1

Recently, the High Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) was required to interpret Section 15B(3)(a)(i)(aa) of the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 in […]
July 5, 2024

Tenant ‘Red Flags’ and How to Avoid Them

The wrong tenant can have a lasting negative effect. The residential property industry continues its upward trajectory, and investors are getting in on the action.  However, […]
June 24, 2024

Expand Your Horizons: Venture Capital Company Licensing

At Couzyn Hertzog & Horak Attorneys, our team specialises in all aspects of venture capital compliance, providing expert legal services to help international companies navigate the […]
June 24, 2024

Stay Ahead in the Liquor Industry with Our Expert Legal Services!

Liquor industry leaders, ensure compliance and success with our specialised legal services for national distribution licenses. Located near the DTI’s head offices, we remain at the […]
June 24, 2024

Launch Your Liquor Business into the Digital Age with Us!

Attention liquor business owners: Ready to expand your reach with online sales? Trust our legal expertise to guide you through the on-boarding process smoothly. We specialize […]
June 24, 2024

Plan your event responsibly: Obtain Your Event Liquor License Today!

Planning an event? Ensure it’s a memorable and legal success with our expert assistance in securing your event liquor license. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, […]
June 24, 2024

Over-The-Counter Derivatives Licenses: Explore new opportunities with Couzyn Hertzog and Horak Attorneys

Couzyn Hertzog and Horak Attorneys stands ready to assist Forex brokerages and niche providers of bespoke financial products in navigating the evolving derivatives market landscape. Prospective […]
June 24, 2024

Expert Legal Compliance in the Financial Services Sector: Couzyn Hertzog and Horak Attorneys

Welcome to Couzyn Hertzog and Horak Attorneys, where we specialize in providing expert guidance and support across all facets of legal compliance within the dynamic financial […]
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