Constitutional Law is generally known as that body of the Law regulating relationships between Organs of State and Government as well as regulating relationships between individuals and the State. However constitutional law is more than just a body of law regulating relationships between the State and its subjects but also deals with political issues, gender matters, discrimination, criminal procedural law issues, administrative law as well as environmental law.

Since it is a body of Law that has been drastically changed and developed with the coming in of the new Constitution and the Constitutional Court it is an area that requires special attention and insight as disputes involving constitutional matters sometimes result in the law being changed or parliament being judicially instructed to make legislative amendments in areas were it is clear that there are legal gaps that need immediate redress. We at Couzyn Hertzog & Horak have a team that can assist and give advice on the following topics:

Following topics:

  • All aspects of the Constitution
  • Impact of the Constitution on traditional areas of practice
  • Bill of Rights and Fundamental Rights
  • Affirmative Action, Discrimination and Empowerment
  • Land expropriation
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