The new face of liquor services in our gated communities of South Africa

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“Gated estates in South Africa are now offering five-star fine dining, stunning walk-in wine boutiques, on-line delivery of alcohol to residents and music festivals”. – May 2024

At Couzyn, Hertzog and Horak, we assist gated communities to gain maximum benefit from their liquor licences.

During the past 15 years, gated communities have rapidly increased in South Africa. As competition amongst estates increases, estates are offering the highest level of hospitality and amenities to attract prospective home owners and guests. Many estates have diversified their liquor revenue streams by offering walk-in wine boutiques, casual and fine dining options at themed restaurants, virtual liquor sales with deliveries to home owners, food and wine pairing events and corporate sports days.

From our experience estates often make the mistake of expanding their hospitality and liquor models without carefully reviewing the conditions of their liquor licenses. This may ultimately result in the revocation or suspension of the estate’s liquor-related activities including hefty fines or criminal steps against the HOA. For example, it may be the case that your estate has a golf club liquor licence for a specific location but that the liquor needs of your estate owners have by far outgrown the archaic conditions of a golf club liquor licence.

Remember, liquor-activities such as a wine boutique sales, deli orders, new outside seating arrangements, corporate events, festivals or on-line sales do not fall within the scope of all licences.

If your estate wants to expand its liquor profile or if you have already ventured into new liquor services without having reviewed your liquor licence conditions, contact us for a free virtual consultation.

By Marc de Bruyn (CHH Liquor Law Attorney)


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